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At Yourney we believe in the science of happiness
It is a young discipline, but it has already laid down important principles to understand the keys to what makes human beings happy. This science has managed to demolish several myths of the past, and has helped us identify practices that effectively make it possible to increase personal happiness levels. At Yourney we have been dedicated to the study of this science for 10 years.
personal happiness plan
This is a useful instrument to mark different alternatives to personal travel. It is generated through diagnostics, self-analysis of what is most appropriate for each person, the identification of priorities and what we have developed in Yourney as a model of 5 components of each route of the journey. In the design of the trip, which is equivalent to designing a happy life, as many routes as the person wishes can be defined. Wealth is within yourself. As options for these routes, activities that the science of happiness has shown raise our levels of well-being are explored.
Diagnostics based on scientific models
To determine the current state and the desired state of a person, the science of happiness has developed reference models (“frameworks”) that allow determining personal happiness levels. At Yourney we can use Tal Ben-Shahar's SPIRE model, Sonja Lyubomirsky's measurements, Martin Seligman's various strengths and PERMA models, Happitude's 9 dimensions, or Yourney's own 6-dimensional model.
Design Thinking
One of Yourney's principles is that personal happiness can be designed. For this, we resort to dynamic, iterative techniques, such as "Design Thinking", whose objective is to promote creativity and the free generation of ideas to find innovative solutions. In a simple way, each participant creates elements that will contribute to their own happiness, they are designers of their own lives.
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