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Our purpose is to help people to be happier, finding and releasing their capacity for well-being.

On this page there is content on the blog with information on the science of happiness that is useful for all of us, with concepts that, if well applied, would raise our levels of well-being. Also included are the workshop and talk services that we can offer at Yourney, all with a very pragmatic approach and with a direct application in our lives. We can provide a talk on a specific topic to define personalized happiness plans.

We believe both in the dissemination of information and in the application of the principles of happiness in our daily lives and in our integral perspective of life.



“Whoever looks out, dreams. Who looks inside, wakes up "

Carl Jung

To increase levels of well-being, we examine three pillars:



I: To understand happiness is to understand oneself.

The most important journey is towards oneself.


CREATE:  Happiness is not sought, it is created.


TO BE:  On the journey there are infinite routes to "be" happier.

Through our workshops, participants will be able to:

get to know themselves better

There is no single way to be happy. What works best is what works best for you, not what works for someone else. That is why this self-knowledge makes the difference between something that seems useful and something that really is.

Identify the sources of happiness they can create in their lives

We still have many myths about what makes us happy. Understanding the bases of happiness and how they apply to ourselves will help us design our lives in such a way that what we do contributes to our well-being. It is about creating a life around what works, what makes us happy.

Improve their version of themselves

The goal is to grow. The way is to recognize that we have enormous possibilities of personal wealth that will allow us to define new journeys to be happy. By expanding the vision of a unique identity, we can create new versions of ourselves that do not replace, but multiply the possibilities of achieving greater well-being in our lives.

We can also offer talks and workshops on specific topics, according to personal needs or organizations.
You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Below is our contact form.

you are the


At Yourney we think that this trip can be designed, that it is in our hands to design our happiness, that it is our construction. At Yourney we rely on what we have learned from the science of happiness to design a better life, a more personal path, a happier journey. At Yourney we believe that oneself is the journey. You are the journey: Yourney.


San Jose Costa Rica

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Franklin Castro

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